• April 2019 - Ph.D. Mathematics
  • June 2015 - B.Sc. Applied Mathematics.
  • May 2012 - High school diploma.


  • October 2015 - Present. Project Assistant, TU Vienna.
  • Fall 2017. Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University.
  • Spring 2017. Visiting Fellow, Harvard University.


  • The Axiom of Determinacy. Twelfth International Tbilisi Summer School in Logic and Language. Tbilisi, September, 2016.


  • F_sigma games of length omega^2. Bristol Logic Seminar. Bristol, May 2019.
  • Constructing winning strategies. ITAM Mathematics seminar. Mexico City, March 2019.
  • Games of length omega^2. 4th Arctic Set Theory workshop. Kilpisjärvi, January 2019.
  • The consistency strength of long projective determinacy. TU Wien Set Theory seminar. Vienna, January 2019.
  • Degrees of stability and Gandy Ordinals. 3rd FISP meeting. Vienna, December 2018.
  • Cut Elimination and infinite games. 1st Proof Society workshop. Ghent, September 2018.
  • (Omega-)Provably Delta_1 Games. First USA-Mexico Logic Fest. Mexico City, January 2018.
  • sigma-Projective Determinacy. CUNY Set Theory seminar. New York, November 2017.
  • Making Delta_1 Determined Again. 4th Münster conference on Inner Model Theory. Münster, July 2017.
  • The Infinite Epsilon Calculus. Mathematics-Computer Science Seminar of the University of Toulouse. Toulouse, June 2017.
  • The Infinite Epsilon Calculus. 2nd FISP Meeting. Paris, June 2017.
  • The Infinite Epsilon Calculus. Proof Theory: Herbrand's Theorem Revisited. Vienna, May 2017.
  • Some applications of Set Theory in Proof Theory. Third Arctic Set Theory Workshop. Kilpisjärvi, January 2017.
  • tbc. FISP Kick-off Meeting. Innsbruck, November 2016.
  • The Topological Completeness of GLP. Worm Seminar. Barcelona, September 2016.
  • The Topological Completeness of GLP_Lambda. Third International Wormshop. Tbilisi, September 2016.
  • Verification Logic: An Arithmetical Interpretation for Negative Introspection. AiML'16. Budapest, August 2016.
  • Cut Elimination for Gödel Logic with an Operator Adding a Constant. WoLLIC'16. Puebla, August 2016.
  • An arithmetic interpretation of negative introspection. CIPPMI workshop on Proofs, Justifications, and Certificates. Toulouse, June 2016.
  • The botanics of provability (and omega^omega other short stories). Winter School in Abstract Analysis. Hejnice, January 2016.
  • Models of provability logic. Lilac seminar. Toulouse, September 2015.